Robo's Wheel and Tire
3127 Belmont Ave - Kansas City MO, 64129
(816) 921-8473
Robo's Wheel and Tire
3127 Belmont Ave - Kansas City MO, 64129
(816) 921-8473
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Tire Size:
Ventus ST
Tread Depth:
All Season
Wall Type:
Black Wall
Stock #:
Speed Load:
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Other Available
P285/50R20 Tires
Sorry, we do not have your exact size at this time.
Here is a list of other recommended tires  that may fit your vehicle. These tires  are within 2% of the size you requested.

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 SizeBrandModelSidewallTreadPriceQuantityGradeStock #Notes
View P285/55R20NittoTerra Grappler G2BW 9/32 $47.00 4 NA15475 
View P285/45R20BridgestoneDueler H/L AlenzaBW 4/32 $40.00 2 NA1844 
View P285/45R20BridgestoneDueler H/L Alenza PlusBW 6/32 $50.00 1 NA9335 
View P275/55R20PirelliScorpion ATROWL 6/32 $50.00 2 NA16402 
View P275/55R20GoodyearEagle LS-2BW 6/32 $50.00 2 NA16480 
View P275/55R20GoodyearEagle LS-2BW 6/32 $45.00 1 NA16250 
View P275/55R20PathfinderSport S ATBW 8/32 $45.00 1 NA14492 
View P275/55R20HankookDynapro ATM RF10BW 6/32 $50.00 1 NA15610 
View P275/55R20BFGoodrichLong Trail TA TourBW 6/32 $50.00 1 NA16107 
View LT285/55R20NittoTerra GrapplerBW 6/32 $50.00 4 NA14750 
View LT285/55R20BFGoodrichAll Terrain TA KO2BW 7/32 $60.00 2 NA12656 

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Robo's Wheel and Tire is a tire shop located at 3127 Belmont Ave in Kansas City, MO. We offer a range of quality Used and New Tires in most sizes and brands. We also sell, straighten, and weld Wheels/Rims. For payments we accept cash and major credit cards. Call us today at (816) 921-8473